Williams Offshore Wind


What we know

Bruce's research at the University of Delaware and the University of Maryland over the last four years focused exclusively on offshore wind power development in the Mid-Atlantic Bight (VA- NY).    His recent Masters Degree in Marine Policy (focused on offshore wind) provides him with comprehensive, up to the minute understanding of all aspects of this nascent industry and its complex regulatory regimes. 

As a member of the faculty  at the University of Maryland, Bruce conducted research into the atmospheric physics of Maryland's offshore winds, combining offshore Lidar profile data with regional weather models,  This research, funded by the Maryland Energy Administration, is  helping optimize development of this clean, safe, abundant energy resource.

Williams Offshore Wind is a small consulting firm led by Bruce M. Williams.  Bruce is an engineer by training, with over 20 years experience planning, permitting, and engineering large civil works projects in coastal and marine environments.  As a Study Manager and Project Manager with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Coastal Section, Bruce directed the planning studies and produced all NEPA, CEQA, and CZMA documents for numerous projects, including the largest dredge and fill port expansion project in the western hemisphere at the time (Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach). 


Strategic decisions on planning, siting, design and operation of offshore wind farms in the coming years will determine how efficient development will be.  Expert management of the interfaces between science, engineering, and policy is critical to ensure success, especially in the early stages of development.  In this age of specialization, there is a greater danger of "air gaps" at these critical interfaces, and also between government, industry, and academia.  With a broad range of experience and up to date, regionally focused knowledge, Williams Offshore Wind brings this expertise to your project or team.